People Places: We bring out the best in both.

The places we spend time during our daily lives should do more than just meet our needs. Great places possess a limitless potential to inspire us.

Our focus as a real estate development, design and consulting firm is on maximizing that potential. Rather than develop real estate in the conventional categories of “residential,” “office” or “retail,” ours is an approach — an attitude — that keeps people center stage.

The most vibrant places blend work, rest, playing, walking, eating, shopping and socializing. Ours is a philosophy which promotes comfortable, walkable neighborhoods with a range of building types that encourage these activities.

People Places has designed and constructed offices, homes, shops and eateries as well as streets, parks, plazas, churches and recreational facilities. We frequently combine multiple uses into a single location. Our places are urban and walkable in character and location, becoming integral to their neighborhoods and their residents’ lives.

We don’t just build buildings. We build places that inspire artful living.