The Central Construction Updates

Updated 7 - October 25, 2019

Whoops! We have been so busy working on making these buildings beautiful and starting up
our pre-leasing that we haven’t gotten out a construction update in quite some time.
As you can see, construction has been progressing steadily, despite some challenges like the
hurricane scare, a slowdown with framing, and heavy summer rains. Our superintendent Rob
has kept workers on site every day, often long hours. We appreciate our neighbors’ patience
with the sounds and activity as we endeavor to complete construction as quickly as possible. So
far, we are happy to report, construction is a little bit ahead of schedule!
Building 7 was slow to get started in framing but it is finally shaping up. Meanwhile:
– drywall installation has begun in building 1;

– Siding is up on buildings 1 through 4;
– Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-ins are complete in 1 through 3 and almost
done in building 4;
– Concrete block is complete for the north side low retaining walls next to the (soon to be
replaced) sidewalks as well as the dumpster enclosure and our amenity pavilion.
We have hired a local metal fabricator, American Metalworx, to create the unique signs for
each of the buildings. The buildings are named after local historical figures: Sarazen, Elroy
Avery, Clark, Gerben DeVries, Irwin. Also, each building will have a unique trim color, although
the walls will all be the same shade of white. (the color you currently see is just the factory
color of the HardieBoard siding.)
Looking down Central Avenue you may have noticed that the old overhead power lines on
Adams Street finally have been taken down! The power and cable lines have been placed
underground by Duke Energy and Spectrum and at some point they will remove the old
wooden poles. We acknowledge that those companies have done quite a bit of temporary
marking of their underground facilities and have shown up to perform work on multiple
occasions without advance notice to the residents or to our contractor or us. We have asked
that they give us advance notice when they’re going to be working so that we can get out the
word here but, so far, that hasn’t happened. For the undergrounding project they are
technically working on behalf of the City. However, we feel bad that our neighbors have had to
put up with this hassle and we continue to try to minimize the negative impacts of our
Looking ahead:
Very soon you’ll start to see some utility construction in the streets. The City of New Port
Richey Department of Public Works is closely involved to help minimize disruptions to traffic
flow and ensure safety. Our contractors, likewise, are making detailed plans to ensure they
complete the work as quickly and safely as possible to return the streets to normal operation.
Please be careful and alert when driving around the construction.
– Central Avenue Utility Crossings: Later this week the site crews will install utilities under
Central Avenue in two locations. They plan to have this work done in a couple days and
will close one side of the street at a time, with flag holders to help keep traffic flowing.
They plan to temporarily patch the asphalt at the end of each day. The installation of the
median, new curbs, sidewalks and landscaping will come later.
– Adams Street Sewer Tie-ins: There will be more extensive construction work on Adams
Street, both north and South of Central, to connect to the sewer lines that are under the
middle of the street. The contractor anticipates that could happen 2 or 3 weeks from
now but we will not know for certain until some other site work has been completed.
We plan to keep you posted here.

– Interior site work: work should begin on our parking lot, curbs, and sidewalks in early
– The construction fencing will be removed from portions of the north side of Central
Avenue in the next few weeks, as well. We look forward to that improving the
appearance significantly.
We have quite a few new subscribers to the text notification service. Welcome!
FOR LEASING INFORMATION please visit or stop by our leasing
office at 5742 Main Street.

Update 6 - September 9, 2019


We are about to begin pre-leasing apartments at The Central. If you or someone you know is interested in leasing, please visit or call (727) 478-0770 to be placed on our VIP Wait List. We will be holding an invitation-only VIP kickoff event this Friday, and will begin taking reservations then.

Construction continues at a good pace and our contractor has maintained full crews of tradespeople on the site. Interior rough-in of plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical is progressing steadily; virtually all the windows and shingles have been installed on the first four buildings. On the south side of Central, framing should be completed in the next few weeks, with windows and inside trades continuing there.

Update 5 – July 16, 2019

Upward and onward! Roof trusses are on the first building and the sheathing will go on this week. Trusses will start to go on the second and third buildings this week, as well. The crew will begin framing Building 4 (the one along Adams Street) this week, as well, and lumber will be delivered for the buildings on the south side of Central

The site contractor is continuing work on the new water lines, installing the above-ground back flow preventer assemblies. There is one set of these on each side of Central, near Adams Street.

There is a City water line on the south side of Central Avenue that will need to be relocated. The line conflicts with a new storm water pipe we are installing, and would be better located underneath the sidewalk away from the new street trees. That will temporarily affect water service in the area. We are coordinating with the City and will work to minimize the service disruption. We plan to provide advance notice to affected customers, as needed, either here or through the City. Details are still being worked out, however, and we do not currently have a date planned for that work.

In other news, we are close to hiring a Community Manager, who will start up our Preview Center and pre-leasing operations. Look for announcements on that in the coming weeks.

Update 4 – June 20, 2019

Framing work continues on buildings 1 through 3 and building 4 will begin this week. Next week the 3rd floors will begin to rise and the roof trusses should start to “fly” the week after July 4th.

As for the site work, the fire department connections (FDCs). FDCs are water connections to each building for the fire department to pump supplemental water into the sprinkler system, with a short standpipe near the sidewalks. They have been installed on the north side of Central and are now being installed on the south side.

Also in site work, the low retaining walls along the sidewalks should start next week. They’ll be behind the construction fence for now, though.

The framing crew are doing a great job and moving quickly. They are based in Orlando but stay here during the week and can often be seen working long days to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We are blessed with a contractor and tradespeople who are showing up every day, working hard, and doing good quality work.

Update 3 – May 7, 2019

Slabs for the first three buildings (Buildings 1, 2 and 3) were poured last week and concrete block began going up today. Block should be completed by the end of this week. Next week they plan to pour the bond beams and reinforced concrete corners.

Meanwhile, rough plumbing work continues on the remaining 4 buildings, and slab preparations will continue through next week. All those slabs should be ready to be poured the week of May 20th.

Underground utility and storm drainage work is continuing on the south side of Central Avenue, and next week the site crew will be back to do some more site preparation on the North side, getting ready for the framing crews to arrive to begin the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The pace of visible change will be fast for the next several weeks as the buildings take shape.

Thank you to all our great neighbors for your patience and understanding during this construction project and its inconveniences. And a HUGE “Thank You” to Community Congregational Church for allowing our workers to park in their parking lot during the day. That’s a big help and helps keep the streets clear.

Update 2 – April 9, 2019

Pretty much all the fill needed has been brought onto the south side and the site contractor is finishing up rough grading the building pads on that side.

The site contractor was able to save the limerock base from the old parking lot to reuse under the new parking lots.

On the north side of Central the first three buildings have been formed and rough plumbing is being installed. The contractor plans to pour those slabs late next week or early the following week, so there will be quite a few concrete trucks coming and going when that happens. They will likely stage the trucks on Central Avenue and use a pump truck to place the concrete.

Storm drainage pipes and structures (concrete boxes buried at each inlet and bend in the pipe) are also ready to go in this week and next. One of the structures is on the northwest corner of the site, somewhat near the large live oak tree we are saving. On the advice of a certified arborist we had the roots pruned by a professional tree service in order to minimize the impacts to the tree.

A couple people have asked about the drainage of the site, with the fill being brought in. The reason for the fill is to get the buildings above the flood elevation. The project site has been engineered and permitted with SWFWMD. The site is graded to direct water that falls on site into an on-site retention pond and/or stormwater inlets connected to the City’s stormwater system. Water landing on the site, particularly the parking lot, is directed away from the abutting property.

Looking ahead, once the slabs are poured the first three buildings will be ready for the concrete block of the first floors (the second and third floors will be wood frame.) Also, sanitary sewer lines will be installed and connected to the City sewer. This will involve some temporary lane closure on Adams Street where the sewer is located. We’ll share more details on that as we receive them.

Update 1 – March 18, 2019

The attached site plan shows the arrangement of the buildings, parking lots, and the basic tree layout for this phase of construction. This plan does not show every detail and there have been some minor tweaks to it, but it provides a general overview. The building numbers mentioned below are indicated on the plan. (Buildings 5 and 6 are part of Phase 2, which will be constructed at another time.)

Now that the building pads are filled on the North parcel (Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4) fill dirt work will continue on the South side of Central (Buildings 7, 8, 9). Some more fill will be brought in and those building pads will be built up like the ones on the North side. Expect some more dirt trucks coming and going this week. *

Next Week – March 25-29; The contractor plans to start forming the foundations for buildings 1, 2, and 3 on the North parcel. (Please refer to the site plan).

After that, plumbing and electrical rough-ins for the slabs can begin. Also, we anticipate the precast manhole and other drainage structures to be delivered and installation can begin in early April. More on that as the time approaches.

* Notes on the fill dirt: The reason for the fill is to get the buildings at least a foot above the flood plain elevation. The current height of the fill may be a little higher than the finished product but the ground floors will be well above the sidewalk level and there will be a low retaining wall at the edge of the sidewalk. That will enhance the privacy for the ground floor apartments, too.

The area of fill extends beyond the ultimate footprints of the buildings. Final grading of the fill dirt will occur after the buildings and the retaining wall are constructed, before landscaping is installed.)