We believe great things happen in great places.

water_park1People connect best in physical places. Virtual places like the Internet play an important role, but they are no replacement for face-to-face contact.  People naturally seek to connect with others. They don’t need to be told how to socialize.  They do, however, need places to interact.

That’s what we provide at People Places.

In line with the vision of our founder Frank Starkey, we create real opportunities for people to share parts of their lives. Quiet places, bustling places, intimate places, single- and multi-use places, wide-open places, far off places, convenient places, all kinds of life-affirming places.  We ensure that a property’s physical design, environmental qualities, accessibility, legal status, maintenance and governance come together to foster people connecting positively with people.

This requires buildings that are functional and efficient, of course, but also beautiful and adaptable, comfortable and inviting. We blend our rigorous technical know-how with our personal commitment and intense care to create amazing buildings that shape amazing places where amazing things can occur.

Everyday extraordinary.

Even the simplest of human endeavors can be enhanced, even made extraordinary, by a great place. Great places are integral parts of neighborhoods, towns and cities and that is where we seek to make our unique impact.

We begin each project by considering the spaces inside and between buildings, and how they shape the quality of day-to-day life of the people who occupy them.  Rather than focus on the product, we focus on human beings, then we craft places that enable life to take place well.

Local leaders who seek to pursue a coherent, people-oriented vision for their communities have the right idea.  They seek to move past the conventional zoning- and automobile-oriented developments that have left countless towns virtually “placeless.” If you’ve laid the groundwork to make your community a cool, walkable urban space, then you’ve come to the right place to make that happen.

People Places.

People recognize people places.

People know where life feels good and they go there. Often. We create spaces frequented by people at various times in their lives:

  • Everyday ~ part of their regular life activities
  • Extraordinary ~ where memories are made
  • People-sized ~ human-scaled in their details
  • Activated ~ designed for specific activities
  • Multi-purpose ~ where two or more things take place
  • Varied ~ different sizes, types and settings
  • Informal ~ casual and comfortable
  • Adaptable ~ flexible for different activities
  • Peopled ~ occupied and active most of the time
  • Spiritual ~ foster a sense of the sacred